About Shadoza

This is the me most people interact with.  My mouth and my hands.  I usually try to keep the face and feet out of the picture.  I don’t like direct attention as it makes me feel uncomfortable.  I don’t like to travel either.

My blog is “Shadoza: In My World” and I post under the name of Sha’tashari, which I  use because the site said my good name: Shadoza, was being used.  I really live in the same world as everyone else, but some days I do wonder. 🙂

I treasure feedback as a way to guide my focus.  Be encouraged to leave comments, rate, or just speak your thoughts in the comment area.  I have no other way of knowing if my meaning is clear: please comment.

This is my first blog.  I encourage comments and remarks on that as well.  If I’m doing “it” wrong, share your thoughts on that as well.  I try to learn as I go.  I enjoy learning and I don’t mind being corrected if something is incorrect.


14 responses to “About Shadoza

  1. Your blog is not done wrong or right, rather it is a mirror of what you see at this moment, with your thoughts. It will change, the style and words will change, but as long as it is you, it will be the way it should be. However this note is from someone who isn’t worried about having a large following.

  2. hi! i’d like to thank you for your post on “say something…”

    some just don’t get it 😦

    let me explain myself.

    we’ll, most of the time i merely hit the like button and opt not to comment. or just as you said, a smiley would do wonders. sometimes words gets lost in translation, just like what happened to me back there. or sometimes, they themselves failed to really read you and zooms right in to disagree with you. i must say, i belong to those kind of people who’ve been taught that two to three sentences is considered an essay…or one word exclamations are enough to convey your thoughts…or a like would be great too…but mostly, i stand speechless, in awe of a master and his masterpiece 🙂

  3. I think and I know I will like the style of your writing especially, ehem, when you’re smoking. Me smoke? tehe.. (si, senora). English is your first language? si? Then you are good. Cheers.

  4. This is a great way to interact for those of us who like to remain a little hidden! Thank you for peeking out a little bit! I look forward to reading more! Much light to you in the new year!

  5. Thank you for liking “Holy First Kit” and “Eastern Orthodox”. I really appreciate you and don’t forget to breath.

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  7. Hi Sha’, thank you for commenting about being invaded by a troll. I am respond on your post instead of mine. I want the troll to see the effect of her dubious behaviour. I am monitoring her site. Thank you again.

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