No Comments Allowed!

I do not write here anymore because writing well takes more time than I currently have.  But I read.  This day, while reviewing articles, stories, and blogs I realized that many do not allow comments.  I wonder…why posters, writers, commenters are afraid of receiving comments on what they wrote.  Sadly, it is not just in blogs, it is also in news articles, editorials, commentators.

Are they afraid that someone will cause them to question their own viewpoints, beliefs?

Do they not believe in the words they are writing?

It appears that everyone is willing to throw their ideas, thoughts, beliefs into the wind; however, not many are willing to have those same words tossed back at them.

Maybe it is nothing more than click bait.  They want you to click the article but they do not want to hear what you think or feel about it?   If I agree with their point, I can like their post; if I disagree, I cannot dislike it.  I can only move on.  I cannot ask a question.  I cannot post an opposing viewpoint.  I cannot say why I agree.  We have the advantage of engaging with the reader, but we do not use it.  Why?

There will be trolls.  I see this often in those articles that allow comments.  However, trolls are not monsters.  Trolls are people with issues in their lives that are so overwhelming that they lash out wherever they can.  Instead of saying “Haters gonna hate” do these writers attempt to engage with a troll in a civil, intelligent fashion?  I think not.  I think their minds are as closed as their blogs, news articles, and posts.


3 responses to “No Comments Allowed!

  1. AHA! Your are still here and so happy to see you write. I get your point. There are plenty of trolls that just ‘Like’ and that I do not have in my site. I say, beware of ‘Likers’ and delete the trolls. How are you doing? Perpetua

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